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More music coming up! Any suggestions?

2010-08-21 02:52:07 by IceMasterDlux

Hey guys! I haven't posted much music lately, but THAT DOESN'T MEAN that I'm not making music! I am making quite a bit of music these days, and will soon be making more than ever. You see, I am now sort of an only child. My second oldest brother just left for college and my oldest bro has been out of the house for 5 years. So what does this mean? I'm gonna be really bored, so I'll be making a lot of music! After I finish my song "Makin' Waves" I'll probably be starting some new stuff unless I finish some old stuff! Lastly, I would like to know if you have any suggestions for what kind of stuff you want to hear from me. I might just take your suggestion, no promises though! OK, sorry if I have bored you so much that you never even got to this part of the news post but I kinda had to tell you guys all that! Leave a comment so I know you read this (if anyone does! ) vAs always, God bless you guys!
!IceMasterDlux ><>


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2010-08-26 01:07:35

I got an idea.
U always review my work, and u say my music is good.
If i gave you any of my .flp's would you remix it to bring out my song's tru potential?

IceMasterDlux responds:

Hmmm.. Interesting idea, sort of like a collab, but more like a remix? I will think about this! But about a day or two after I posted this news post and no one gave me ideas, I kinda got into the idea of doing some house-style experimentation. We'll have to see what happens! God bless!


2010-08-26 09:12:03

Hey IceMaster, I just wanted to tell you to keep up the great music making that you've been doing! And, I did some research and found out that today is your Birthday! 9don't be creeped out, it wasn't in depth research or using satellite imagery or anything, ahaha) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

IceMasterDlux responds:

Hahaha! Thank you! I appreciate it! Haha, satellite imagery.....


2010-08-26 17:42:37

Happy birthday dude :D

IceMasterDlux responds:

Thanks man! Haha! Yeah, I was kinda busy today, and I didn't get on NG. Thanks a lot!