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Moar industrial? Moar dance?

2010-09-02 22:19:26 by IceMasterDlux

OK, so I have gotten a bunch of requests to do more industrial stuff like my first song of 2010 called Takeover (check it out if you haven't.) Believe it or not, my industrial song is my 2nd most popular song yet! But, most of you guys like my dance stuff. So which should be the next song?

>>>Industrial<<< VS >>>Dance<<<

If you read this, vote on which one you want to hear next!! Please!! I would really like to hear your opinion!

God bless!

][ ( [- |\/| /-\ 5 -|- [- |2 |) |_ |_| ><


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2010-09-05 22:35:11

hey i think you should delete your work in progress after you submit the full version.

IceMasterDlux responds:

Yeah, I have thought about that, but I like people to see the changes that I have made. But that is a good point, maybe I will! God bless!


2010-09-08 06:27:03

Combination. Im not that much into industrial as dance, but i think if you use the elements of both of the genre, then you will make an excellent song.

IceMasterDlux responds:

Yes, yes very good idea! I like that theory very much, I think it would make a very cool song! It would be very unique and different, but really cool! I will have to try that some time soon...... :)


2010-09-13 19:36:29

Oh no... I have to make a choice?!

I really love your dance music, but it would be cool to see you make more industrial songs. How about you give it a try? :)

IceMasterDlux responds:

Yeah, I will definately do that again very soon. But now I have to finish my other dance song I just started, lol! Don't worry, I'll make another industrial song! God bless!


2010-09-16 16:41:28

Your dance song "Here I Come" was one of your best ever. But what is industrial? LOL do you mean Ambient Industrial?

(Updated ) IceMasterDlux responds:

Thanks man! I am very glad to hear that because I don't think too many people liked that one. It means a lot :) God bless!
(Oh, and you can just look up industrial here on Newgrounds)